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Musical Museum Plays On

The sound tales

The collection, presented and described through the educational concert, becomes a means to retrace the different historical and geographical stages of the Latin American musical heritage. We start off from the origin, the first instruments and the musical sounds of the native inhabitants, up to the tri-ethnic merge and to the endless variety of music and modern rhythms, to describe the continent’s transformations and cultural intertwining, with its people and its endless cultural – historical heritage.


The educational concert turns the collection into a living museum as M° Ricaurte (sometimes accompanied by other polyinstrumentalists) shows, plays and performs original melodies with each instrument, explaining the origin, the building materials and the importance they hold within the ethnic group which they belong to, letting the audience travel in space and time, to discover the Latin American continent.


Since 1986, up to today, the collection, often combined with the educational concert, has been exhibited at more than 500 events, at theatres, schools, universities, centers and cultural exhibitions, popular ethnic festivals and cultural T.V. shows (Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro, Maurizio Costanzo Show, Geo & Geo…)


The captivating stage setting and presentation where music, rhythm, history and tales intertwine and the proactive participation of the audience, make this initiative unique in its kind. A cross-cultural experience, instructive, multidisciplinary, sensory and highly educational.

Target: students from schools of any type and grade, university students, music students, teachers, adult audience.

Technical requirements:

  • In order for the educational concert to take place we need a theater, auditorium or room suitable for musical presentations, with 3 tables approx.2 mx1 and chairs for participants

  • Sound system (technical file will be provided)

  • The languages used in the exhibition are Italian or Spanish. For other needs, a translator who can translate from one of these two languages must be present.

  • Parking space near the venue

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